Paint Yourself Chocolate!

Paint Yourself Chocolate!
Love-Art-Chocolate! Here’s an innovative, maybe even artistic, suggestion for celebrating a slightly naughty evening with someone you love. Paint your love chocolate— and even better, when you do,you have a choice of milk or dark chocolate to create your sentimental mini-masterpiece. Where to find this gorgeous gift? Enter Peter Beier Chokolade, the marvelous little artisanal chocolates boutique on rue Monsieur Le Prince. You can always count on the selection of chocolates at Peter Beier to serve up some surprising tastes— last time I was in the shop, I tastes of some spectacular dark chocolate rounds with salted pepitas and hot chilis sprinkled on top. Perfect for eating with tapas, she said. Indeed. But something else caught my eye. Front and center on the counter were small jars of obviously pour-able chocolate. Thinking they must be some sort of chocolate sauce, I pick up one of the attractively labeled jars and realized that this was no topping for ice cream! They held an entirely other edible delight. Ever innovative, the Copenhagen-based Chocolatier Peter Beier has perfected making a chocolate ‘body paint’ that, when applied with the small paintbrush that accompanies each purchase, lays on a think, perfectly spreadable, deliciously edible, layer of chocolate. So how does this work? Lene directed me to a photo, hanging in the  second floor salon, of a svelte female’s torso sporting two large hearts painted on the trim tummy— a smaller solid heart, surrounded by a larger heart. Great for for any celebration of love, she said. Stop at Peter Beier for a gift that will surely surprise and delight. Why not have a little fun with your sweets? This year it’s out of the box and onto the body. It is time for art, love and chocolate to find their perfect marriage! Peter Beier Chokolade 62 rue Monsieur le Prince Paris 75006 Open except Wednesdays. Telephone : + 33 (0)1 43 54 06 06Metro : Luxembourg, or Odeon ———————– Don’t forget to visit Sally’s site: To order wonderful chocolates: zChocolat: “World’s Finest Chocolates by World-Champion Chocolatiers.” zChocolat’s selection is handmade by world-champion French chocolatiers following a 400-year-old tradition of passion and zealous adherence to purity. A single bite is an instant of pure seduction and sensory bliss one has never experienced before. For Exercise:  😉 City Segway Tours are great for seeing Paris in a different light. You’ll see more, have more fun, and not feel tired at the end of it. These are highly recommended and truly a great thing to do during your stay. Fat Tire Bike Tours are another great way to see the city. You’ll get the company of an expert guide, the use of a super-comfortable bike, great tips and advice about what to do while in town and an exciting, informative and educational experience.

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