SomMailier: A Wine Club Dedicated to Boutique French Wines

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SomMailier: A Wine Club Dedicated to Boutique French Wines
Bonjour Paris presents SomMailier, an authentic wine club 100% dedicated to boutique French wines! Built on 5 generations of French winemakers from Bordeaux, SomMailier brings exclusive boutique French wines to your home every quarter. A little history…  SomMailier is a wine club unlike any other. A play on words for the French term ‘sommelier’, an expert in wine pairing, SomMailier aims to bring this same expertise and take members on an exquisite journey into the heart of flavor, joy, and life with the perfect curation of small-batch French wines mailed to your front door. Laurent Yung, the founder, grew up in his family’s vineyard in the Bordeaux region. He comes from five generations of winemakers and his passion for wine developed very early. Graduated in international marketing and working in the corporate world for many years, he decided to return to his roots. Laurent teamed up with his brother Patrick, president of the Laplace wine distribution company in Paris. LaPlace has been focusing on exceptional boutique French wines since it was founded in 1948. Today it distributes wines to all the top Parisian tables such as Fouquet’s, Royal Pavilion, The Eiffel Tower, The Scribe and the big events like Roland Garros (the French Open tennis tournament). A culture that has character and dedication Laurent’s mission when creating SomMailier was to make accessible those exclusive boutique wines that his brother Patrick had access to in France. The wine world works a lot in the investment of relationships, and if you want to have access to the best bottles, it is better to trust people from this circle, such as Laurent and Patrick Yung. Each region is equitably represented according to the size of its vineyard and the main words of this family adventure are quality and originality! Connect with a community of wine lovers Members of SomMailier will take a trip across France and be introduced to wines that will captivate the eye, nose, and palate. In each box, SomMailier promises to send exclusive boutique French wines that are otherwise unavailable in the United States. SomMailier’s members can then choose to receive between 3 and 6 bottles (red, white or mixed) of those wines every 3 months and discover exceptional boutique wines from our beautiful French wine regions. The authenticity and quality of the offer has already attracted many new members who have joined SomMailier, whilst the loyal ones also send exclusive wine boxes as a gift to their friends, family, colleagues, customers or partners. Since the beginning of this adventure, SomMailier has already sent to its members the following wines: Denis Lurton’s Margaux, Burgundy Pinot Noir from Domaine Rapet, Le Chateauneuf du Pape Roque Colombe, a sumptuous dry Riesling from the Muller family in Alsace, a Sauternes from the Lamothe family. Discover the fine wines  The price per quarter varies between $89.99 for 3 bottles and $174.99 for 6 bottles. All the ingredients are there to make SomMailier the best French wine club for your pleasure and the one you will provide to your friends in the United States (French, American or other countries)! The current formula is very simple: 6 different wines (3 red and 3 white) are selected by the Laplace team in Paris and are sent to the US every 3 months. Feel free to browse the site to learn more about the club, gift offers and the family of Laurent Yung who is behind this great adventure. For our readers  There is a special promo code for Bonjour Paris & France Today readers. Please use Francetoday20 and get 20% discount on your first order when joining the club. No commitment at all and you can cancel anytime if you’re not satisfied. Santé! Learn more about SomMailier

Lead photo credit : SomMailier wine club

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  • Allison Day
    2020-04-21 02:31:11
    Allison Day
    Do you not recommend this wine club?


  • Vicky Gannon
    2020-01-17 14:21:07
    Vicky Gannon
    The discount promised did not show up on the billing from SomMailier when I made the order.