eLycée.com Offers Innovative Online Classes

eLycée.com Offers Innovative Online Classes
The virtual classroom makes use of innovative audiovisual & interactive tools.  eLycée is eLearning with a twist: accredited teachers combines with a social experience. Video conference technology enables students to participate actively in class – working together to complete coursework – with the teacher as ‘guide’, giving confidence, encouraging contribution. eLycée’s innovative academic program is delivered by native accredited French teachers; the curriculum approaches the reading, listening, speaking and writing of French through contextual lessons that put the student first. The end result is a community of young people united by a common interest in French language and culture, who can work and play and learn together; the students are the creative directors, the teachers are the educators, and the parents are free to do what they do best. www.elycee.com – you can contact [email protected] for moreinformation and a free trial.
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