Photo of the Week – January 2, 2015

Photo of the Week – January 2, 2015
For the first photo of 2015, I selected an image that was part of an album of WWI postcards and photographs belonging to Nurse Margaret Ripley. This photograph was taken in the Luxembourg Garden in January 1915, and shows three English nurses (E.M. Lear, W.A. Todd and M.A. Ripley). The three were part of the French Flag Nursing Corps, a program that provided certified British nurses (preferably French speaking) for service in French military hospitals. At the time, Lear, Todd and Ripley were stationed in Dunkerque, in the north of France, as is mentioned in an article from The British Journal of Nursing that was published on January 30th, 1915. By James Morley , via Flickr
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