House of Courbet: France’s First Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry Brand

House of Courbet: France’s First Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry Brand
Ready to meet the disrupter in Paris’s jewelry world? Welcome House of Courbet, the first French based jewelry brand to introduce designs using laboratory created diamonds and recycled gold, making their jewelry both sustainable and ethical. Founded by Manuel Mallen and Marie-Ann Wachtmeister in May 2018, Courbet fittingly opened their showroom at Place Vendôme, home to many of Paris’s most reputed names in luxury jewelry. Why this pull towards sustainable jewelry? As Manuel Mallen explains, “Five years ago, there were no true alternatives to the mined diamond. Today, on the other hand, we have the choice and no longer have any reason to rummage through earth for diamonds when science and technology make it possible to produce the exact same diamond. As for gold, there is more gold above the surface of Earth than below it.” After speaking with Mr Mallen and viewing the stunning contemporary collections designed by creative director Ms Wachtmeister, I was sold on the process of environmentally safe diamonds. I learned that an ethical diamond is 100% identical to the traditional mined diamonds, yet mother nature is left at peace. For more reasons than their exquisite cuts, these diamonds certainly shine more brightly. House of Courbet designs all of its jewelry in Paris, inspired by the universe and its planets, as evidenced when viewing each elegant otherworldly collection. Production remains exclusive to Europe, as they choose only to work with three highly regarded craftsmen in Paris, Lyon, and Milan. As for the name, Courbet was inspired by Place Vendôme itself. Courbet was the French rebel painter of nature and women, world famous for his painting L’Origine du Monde. What’s more symbolic of Courbet than dismantling the Napoleonic pillar at the center of Place Vendôme as a testament to his desire for world peace and change? With one visit to their modernly minimalist showroom at Place Vendôme you’ll understand why Courbet has found a new raison d’être in Paris. COURBET, 7 place Vendôme, 75001 Paris, Escalier Castiglione, 5th floor

Lead photo credit : courtesy of Courbet

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