Can The Swine Flu Bypass France?

Can The Swine Flu Bypass France?
Here in the US the media is filled with swine flu news — rising numbers of suspected cases, first deaths, or raising the pandemic level from 4 to 5. But what about France? Do the French have any concerns about the swine flu? The French are as concerned about the swine flu outbreak as we are here in the US. Or shall we now call it H1N1 instead? Up until now the French call the swine flu grippe porcine. But as this is somewhat discriminating to the poor pigs, there are discussions about a better name. Especially because this virus is not only the swine flu but a combination of swine, human and avian flu’s. Some groups prefer to name the new evolving disease grippe nord-américaine — due to the fact that it was originated in North America. Other people prefer to be more specific by wanting to name the virus grippe du Mexique as this is where all the trouble supposedly began. But how about naming the possibly deadly disease nouveau virus de la grippe which would be easily understood by anybody and nobody would feel that a certain population would be discriminated by the given name. But back to the possible swine flu cases. As Mexico is also a vacation place for the French, it is no surprise that French people returning from Mexico could have been infected with the swine flu as well. As of April 28, 2009, 20 people are suspected of have been infected with the swine flu virus. Results are still pending. But it can be expected that some of those cases will confirm what nobody wants to hear. The first real swine flu case in France. Right now the list of countries involved is short. But give it some time and the swine flu map will get more and more complex. Even if Mexico is not the main travel destination for the French, people who have never been in Mexico before will have been stricken with the virus. If you look at the map you will see that cases of the swine flu have been noted in Spain and Germany, which are in close proximity to France. It is only a matter of time before cases show up in France. Luckily, flu season is almost over and the number of new infections will slow down… for now. So far the French don’t have to be concerned that people will stop traveling to France. In fact, people still travel to Mexico these days. And maybe some people will decide that they still want to see the Eiffel tower before they will have to look from the grass below. Maybe now would be the time to push for summer travel to France — before the swine flu might return with full strength in the fall.
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