50 Things I Miss About Paris: Part V

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50 Things I Miss About Paris: Part V
During the coronavirus pandemic, as many of us are confined to our homes, I am dreaming about Paris, consoled by my memories. Here is the fifth installment of a series of photo essays illustrating 50 things I miss about Paris. (Click to find the first article, the second, the third and the fourth here.) What do you love and miss about the French capital? Share in the comments section below. 1. “Le Bateau Ivre” by Arthur Rimbaud on a wall on the Rue Férou 2. Cézanne 3. French Jams and Honey 4. Saints without Heads… …without Bodies …or Wishing They Had No Heads or Bodies 5. French Signs

Lead photo credit : photo by Fern Nesson

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Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Fern Nesson is a fine art photographer with an MFA in photography. She visits Paris regularly where she captures interior scenes. Her work is abstract, and brings fresh perspective to lovers of Paris, while also illuminating interesting museum exhibitions and cultural events taking place in the City of Light.


  • Carol Turetsky
    2020-04-23 14:54:45
    Carol Turetsky
    Thank you for these photos. They make me so homesick for my favorite city. How I long to be there, but that will have to wait until the quarantine ends. Meantime, these photos are wonderful.


  • Carol Patin-Gipe
    2020-04-17 15:42:33
    Carol Patin-Gipe
    Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website! It gives me a much appreciated chance to stay in touch with my favorite City in the world while I can’t be there in person. Merci beaucoup !!🙏🏼 Carol in Half Moon Bay, California