50 Things I Miss About Paris: Part III

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50 Things I Miss About Paris: Part III
During the coronavirus pandemic, as many of us are confined to our homes, I am dreaming about Paris, consoled by my memories. Here is the third installment of a series of photo essays illustrating 50 things I miss about Paris. (Click to find the first article here and the second here.) What do you love and miss about the French capital? Share in the comments section below. 1) Miró 2) Hot chocolate at the Louvre 3) The Courtyard across the street from 12 rue Jacob 4) Art Glass 5) Film Noir at le Cinéma Christine

Lead photo credit : Photo: Fern Nesson

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Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Fern Nesson is a fine art photographer with an MFA in photography. She visits Paris regularly where she captures interior scenes. Her work is abstract, and brings fresh perspective to lovers of Paris, while also illuminating interesting museum exhibitions and cultural events taking place in the City of Light.


  • Carolee Duckworth
    2020-04-05 14:58:36
    Carolee Duckworth
    Merci! It was a wonderful idea to start this discussion, Fern, along with your captivating photos. I, too, have been "returning" to Paris in my mind's eye during this strange, disturbing time. My visions and experiences when visiting my beloved Paris were so vivid and lasting that I can almost transport myself back there virtually. Top of the list... The glorious space of the old train station, d'Orsay, with room after room of jaw-dropping impressionist paintings. Then reaching "beauty overload" and walking out of the museum in a haze only to find, magically, a piano and player offering a lively concert at the foot of the steps. ...Riding the river on the Batobus, from and to our Notre Dame stop, learning the bridges and the procession of iconic sights along its banks, until I felt absolutely and solidly "at home." ...Sitting for hours in a boat bar directly across from Notre Dame, watching the boats drift by on the river. And then a small band formed up next to our table and launched into some marvelous, impromptu jazz. And a large-spirited Frenchman asked to join us so he could watch the keyboard player, who was his keyboard instructor, up close. And we chatted and laughed with him like we were old friends. So many old memories, and hopefully some new ones ahead when we all have healed and can venture out again...


  • Judith Sterling
    2020-04-03 06:58:26
    Judith Sterling
    Beautiful photos if you favorite place on earth.